Who is eligible to receive a Sant Foundation grant? May I submit a letter of inquiry?

Sant Foundation provides grants to a variety of organizations, most or all of whom have an existing relationship with the Foundation. Our approach to grant making focuses on making commitments that align with our strategies and partnerships. We consider only a small number of grant requests each year.

The Sant Foundation provides grants only to organizations that have been invited to apply for a grant. We do not seek or fund unsolicited grant applications. The foundation has few staff and a limited grant making budget. Therefore, it does not accept and does not respond to unsolicited grant requests, letters of inquiry, proposals for service or other similar requests. With few exceptions, we do not make grants to individuals and we are prohibited by law from funding lobbying activities.

We realize that there are many excellent organizations and programs that our approach will overlook.

What is a family foundation and how does it work?

A family foundation is one whose funds are provided by a single family. It does not receive outside donations. Normally one or more family members serves as an officer and/or a board member of the foundation. Family members play a significant role in governing and managing the foundation throughout its life. Family foundations usually reflect the personal concerns of the individual families that govern them.

Both the Sant Foundation and The Summit Foundation are family foundations established by Roger W and Victoria P Sant.

What is the relationship between Sant Foundation and The Summit Foundation?

The Summit Foundation was created as a family foundation in 1991 by Roger W. and Victoria P. Sant to advance charitable interests in oceans conservation and gender equity. Later it added a program to promote city-scale sustainability. The founders also previously created a Washington, DC focused charitable fund, The Summit Fund, that sought to advance restoration of the Anacostia River and a drastic reduction in the teen pregnancy rate in the District of Columbia. The Sant Foundation was created in 2015 with the wind-down of The Summit Fund to express the charitable interests of the founders in a variety of grant making activities.

The two foundations share offices but do not share staff. The Sant Foundation expects that it will ultimately combine with the Summit Foundation.